Yung6ix Biography – KKTBM, Net Worth, Age, Music and Awards

Yung6ix Biography: Who is Yung6ix?

Born on the 8th of July 1989 in Warri Delta State, Yung6ix is a Nigerian hip-hop artist who rose to fame with the release of debut single “oleku” in 2010 which was a cover of the original “oleku sang by Nigerian rapper ice prince. Real Names Onome Onokohwomo,he is a very loyal Zamaniac (Ice-Prince Fan). Yung6ix recently parted ways with his record label KKTBM. He has worked with lots of artists including Naeto C, Wizkid, Davido, Stonebwoy, Dammy Krane, Dice Ailes, Percy and many more. His recent single Ina the benz is topping charts all over the country.

Yung6ix was described by Popular Nigerian rapper M.I Abaga as the next best thing in Nigerian Hip-hop after they had collaborated on a track together, giving him the title “King of the South”. He is one of the best rappers in Nigeria, he has mad rapping skills and his talent is next to none one of the reasons why he is popularly referred to as the Voice of the New Generation.

Yung6ix Biography: Early life, Family & Education

Onome Onokohwomo who prefers to be called Yung6ix was born and raised in Warri Delta State to a wealthy family and is the oldest of 5 children having four siblings.

He developed an addictive interest in music at a very young age and like many Nigerian artists started out from the church were he was a member of his church choir. His interest in music grew rap and he drew inspiration from rap music, during his high school days he engaged in rap battles and eventually formed a group with his friends called G-Squad. He was nicknamed “6ixty” in high school which is were the name Yung6ix was gotten From.

Yung6ix attended and finished his high school education from federal Government College in Warri Delta State after which he headed for the western part of Nigeria to concentrate on his music.

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Yung6ix Biography: Music Career – the beginning

Yung6ix was so into music from the beginning, during an interview with thisdaynews, he recalled;

“My love for music was so deep and I just kept on going till it got to a level they had to accept me for who I am. The first song i even recorded at school was used with my WAEC lesson fee to pay for the instrumentals and remember always having to trek from school to studio for close to 2 hours or more. It was a very challenging one for me at school because we weren’t allowed to do our thing like we would love to but the passion kept us strong and ready for any obstacles and were ready for it , funny enough we became stronger & tougher at the end”.

On moving to Lagos state Yung6ix continued to record music with one of his songs “I’m an African” capturing the attention of A&R Gbemi Ereku, who immediately signed him to his 411 Entertainment Company in 2009.

He began gaining media attention in 2010 after his cover version of Ice-Prince’s “Oleku” went viral on the internet. After this, he released “So Far Gone” which featured P. Fizzy. The song was a freestyle to Wiz Khalifa’s “This Plane”, a single off his Green Light Green mixtape. In January 2011, Yung6ix released “Plenty Money”, yet another track from the mixtape with a music video released shortly after. “Plenty Money” made its official Nigerian radio premiere on the Beat 99.9 FM.

Yung6ix Biography: Music Career- Rise to fame & Record label (kktbm)

On the 2nd of April 2011, it was announced by Vanguard newspaper that 411 Entertainment had signed a joint-venture deal with Storm Records. The partnership brought about a collaboration with Wizkid on “Follow Me”, one of the tracks from his debut studio album.

Yung6ix Biography

Yung6ix in September 2011,  released the fourth track from his Green Light Green project titled “Oh My Gosh”. The song earned him two nominations (Lyricist on the Roll and Best Rap Single) at the Headies Awards which came the following year.

Yung6ix had gained a reputation in Nigeria as one of the best rappers around which made M.I Abaga choose him among a handful of other top artists at the time to feature on his Illegal Music 2, naming 6ix “King of the South” afterwards. Yung6ix then  released his “Picking Things” in May 2012 , a single featuring fellow ex-label mates Naeto C and E. Kelly.

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That same year, Yung6ix earned a nomination for the “Most Promising Act” at the 2012 Nigeria Entertainment Awards, but unfortunately lost to another pure and talented rapper Eva Alordiah.

In 2013 Yung6ix founded his own record label naming it “Kash Kamp”. It became a home to aristePercy as well as ace producer Otee Beatz. Yung6ix then on the 4th of September 2013 accepted an offer from “Trick Billionaire Music” with the goal being to take Yung6ix and his brand out of Africa and share his brilliance with the rest of the world. He then released a collaboration with Percy titled “First Class”, the third single from his album. The music video of the “First Class” earned him a “Best Hip Hop Video” nomination at the 2013 Nigerian Music Video Awards.

Yung6ix debut studio album, 6ix O Clock, was released on the 6th of February 2014 with the highly anticipated album featuring guest appearances from top artistes including; Phyno, Percy, Da L.E.S, Yemi Alade, M.I, Ice Prince, Wizkid,  YQ and others.

Yung6ix also granted an interview were he expressed a lot, here are the excerpts;


In this interview, the musician opens up on his career and journey so far.

How did music begin for you?

I started dancing first; I used to love Michael Jackson a lot. From dancing, I fell in love with the music I was dancing to. Back then in Federal Government College, Warri, when you got to a certain class, you would have to get involved in one social activity or the other. For the ladies, they would teach you how to cook and for the boys, they had other things. So, I joined the Boys Brigade.

I would always go back home to learn how to play the drums and when I got bored playing what I was taught in school, I would start playing 2Pac songs, Biggie songs. From that time, I started rapping songs. After rapping these artistes’ songs I wanted to rap something new, sing something new and I wanted to hear something new on that beat. From there, I started coming up with my own lines and lyrics. I later found out that there were other students that loved singing too. That was how we started a group called ‘Full Clip’. We took part in competitions and I somehow became the best rapper and I was very popular in the secondary schools in Warri.

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Everybody knew that there was one Warri boy who could rap. That was how everything started and I kept moving on. When I stepped off the stage, all I thought about was the next stage. That was how I kicked off.

Who are your greatest influences?

I am highly influenced by Don Jazzy. I look up to him. I believe in making the right moves because it worked for him. Also, I learn from his mistakes. I learn from my own mistakes too.

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How was life like, growing up in Warri?

I won’t say that growing up in Warri was bad. My family was okay; we were doing fine but it got to a point that we lost everything. So, growing up was kind of two-sided; the good times and then the bad times. However, growing up into a teenager and disconnecting from your parents when you feel they no longer understand you was a different part of my life. I found music and I disconnected from my family. I felt there was something I needed to embrace when my family was not there. And Warri was very violent; I got shot a couple of times. I was stabbed; robbed, many things happened to me. I am grateful I grew up in Warri because if I had not grown up in Warri, I would not have been as wise or smart or even become what I am today. Because of the vibes the street gives, if you can make it out of that place, then you can be successful anywhere.Warri is full of goal- getters; that’s why most people don’t mind doing what they need to do to get to the top. It’s not easy.

Were your parents in support of your music career?

My parents were not in support, but most of the boys who were part of my crew when I first started rapping were like ‘what are you doing? They were asking if my career was going to work. But I always had this belief that

I was different. When I go to places and they hear my voice and music, they always say I am different. I held on to those positive vibes above all the negative vibes. Then I started doing things that would make people like me. I kept going until it got to this point.

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How was the journey from Warri to Lagos? I guess you came on your own?

I came on my own, but I came with a few people including my producer, Yungx and a guy. We were in the studio one night in Warri and we were discussing; we were like ‘how much is transport fare to Lagos?’ We discussed and later concluded that we were coming to Lagos. So, the next day I told my mum that I was going to Lagos. She looked at me as if I was a joker, and at that point, my dad had left us. I felt nobody could stop me. I met some friends, one of them gave me N10,000 and that was how I came to Lagos.We did not know where to sleep but one of my friends said he knew someone, and then we went there to sleep. The guy turned out to be a producer but his studio was so small. There was no bathroom or anything, it was just a room. I remember I used to take my bath outside the house. We would wake up early to have our bath. Then, we started having friends in the neighborhood. We became friends with a barber and we used to take our bath in his place because he had a bathroom in his house. It was a crazy life.

You have been dropping singles, when are we expecting your album?

I am currently working on the album. A couple of my singles would be on the album. I have a new record with Korede Bello, which will also be on the album. I am just waiting for that time when the market will be ready to take the album, because the album is not for the African market only. So, I am trying to make the album as creative and beautiful as ever.

Are you currently in a relationship?

I’m not in any relationship yet I’m not single. I am just focused which means I may be interested in a woman. However, I’m not ready for any commitment, because sometimes relationship holds back dreams. The last EP I dropped was called ‘Billionaire Ambition’. A lot of people thought it was all about music, but it was not. At this point in my life, I want to be a billionaire. Sometimes when you share some kind of things with women they slow you down.

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Who is your ideal woman?

My ideal woman is different from the woman I am attracted to.

Can you recall your craziest experience with a female fan?

A girl tattooed my name on her body and I felt loved.

You have just signed on two new artistes. What about them?

I have learnt a lot and if I keep applying all I have learnt to myself, obviously I am going to get bigger. Again, I did not give myself this opportunity, someone gave me the opportunity. This is about giving back to people that are really talented and that could make something out for themselves as artistes and as stars too. That’s one of the reasons I signed an artist. The label has grown over the years and we have understood the market and the industry whereby we can successfully put a product out.

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LK Kuddy is a star; there are so many qualities in him that the world has not seen yet. He speaks Hausa, Yoruba and English and he is a graduate. Any investor that runs into him will grab the opportunity that I did. His music is not for the Nigerian market alone, his music is for the world.

The other artist is an amazing singer. I met her at a concert where she performed before me, and she was amazing. After that, we met in Uyo. I went for a concert with my manager and there, I spoke to her about getting a first lady for my record label and she was like ‘okay’. Then I invited her for my concert and she killed the show. She later came to Lagos. She is half Ghanaian and half Nigerian. She also has the Ghanaian and Nigerian vibes mixed and she put everything from her culture into her music. Both artistes would soon release their singles and videos. So, everyone should watch out for them.

What is your advice for up and coming artistes?

Do what you love; stay out of drugs, knowing that determination is the key to success.

Don’t just be smart; be wise, that’s the only way you can succeed.

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Yung6ix Biography: Net Worth

Yung6ix has been in the music scene for a very long time during which he has achieved a lot and also made lots of cash. He moved to his multi-million naira house in 2013 and owns exotic cars including the latest Range Rover Sports. His has a Net Worth of $600,000 thousand dollars.

Yung6ix Biography: Philantropic Activity

Yung6ix in an Instagram post set the internet agog when he recounted how a man helped him with the sum of N10, 000 to pay for his transportation to Lagos some eight years ago when he was still a greenhorn in the music industry. The 27-year-old rapper took to his social media page to recount how the stranger came to his rescue when he had no kobo to transport himself to Lagos, to pursue his career in music. According to the singer, he was still trying to kick-start his music career when the man identified only by his IG handle @iamblackking, gave him N10,000 to chase his dream as an artiste. Now that he is successful, he  decided to appreciate him by giving him the huge sum of $10,000.

“Eight years ago @imblackking gave me N10,000 to come to Lagos and chase my dream as an artiste, without that 10k there would be no Yung6ix today. Showed him I’m grateful by giving him 10,000 dollars today, strictly for motivational purposes only. Don’t just be great be grateful and don’t forget those who helped you when you were nothing,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

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Yung6ix Biography: Awards & Nomintions

Yung6ix won National Act of the Year at 2013 Abuja Music and Meritorious Award*.

He was nominated for Best Hip hop Video at 2013 Nigeria Music Video Awards*.

He was also nominated for Lyricist on the Roll and Best Rap Single at The Headies 2012*

.He was also nominated for Most Promising Act at Nigeria Entertainment Awards

Yung6ix Biography: Studio Albums

6ix O’Clock

Yung6ix Biography: Songs

1. Doinz (feat. DJ Neptune)
2. Respek on My Name
3. Blessings (feat. Oritse Femi)
4. Money Is Relevant (feat. Phyno & Percy)
5. No Favors
6. For Example (feat. Stonebwoy)
7. Everything Nice
8. Gbe Seyin (feat. Niniola)
9. Loving You
10. Kpansh (feat. M.I)
11. Lights (feat. Yemi Alade)
12. Ina the Benz
13. Follow Me (Feat. Wizkid)
14. Before I Go Broke (feat. Olamide)
15. For Example
16. Kings (feat. Phyno)
17. Everything Gucci
18. Notice (One Tweet)
19. Say Yes (To The Altar)
20. The Man
21. International
22. No Where
23. Let Me Know (feat. Davido)
24. First Cl*** (feat. Percy)
25. Ferragamo
26. Addicted (feat. da. L.E.S)
27. Amen
28. Heartbreak Swag
29. Money Is Relevant (MIR) (feat. Percy)
30. This Year
31. OH My Gosh (OMG)
32. No Favors (feat. Dice Ailes & Mr Jollof)
33. Grammy Money (feat. Praiz & M.I Abaga)
35. Let Me Know ft. Davido
36. Picking Things (feat. Naeto C)
37. One Tweet (Notice)
39. Stay Woke (feat. Dremo, LoolooWithTheJuice, S
40. Turn up (feat. Ice Prince)
42. Before I Go Broke ft. Olamide
43. Follow me feat wizkid
44. Beautiful Scars
46. ***y Anthem
47. Turn Up ft Ice Prince
48. Picking Things
49. Intro (Episode of Greatness) + Wole Show Yinka
50. Let Me Know.


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