Top 10 Richest Politicians In Nigeria 2018

Top 10 Richest Politicians In Nigeria 2018

4. Bola Tinubu

Richest Politicians In Nigeria
Bola Tinubu is one of top Nigerian political godfather who has been on the scene for decades. rumour has it that he played a big part in putting president buhari to the aso rock

Popularly referred to as the Jagaban of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu is a two time Lagos State governor and ex senator of the federal republic.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu was also a former senator,and his wife is also a current serving senator.

Being among the founding members and high ranking APC’s party ruler, Bola Tinubu is regarded by some folks as a really sturdy politician,probably that is why he’s nicknamed ”Jagaban”.

Bola Tinubu worth is estimated to be $1.5 billion dollars.

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