Top 10 Websites To Download Nigerian Movies

Top 10 Websites To Download Nigerian Movies

Sometimes all you need to take the edge off after a stressful day is to just sit, chill and treat yourself to a nice Nigerian movie, with the Nigerian movies industry best known as “nollywood” being among the Top-3 best Movie Industries in the world.

So in this post we would be giving you 10 websites were you can get nollywood movies.

1. Iroko TV (

Iroko TV needs no introduction , if you’re an avid follower of Nigerian movies, you would have heard or come around it at some point. Nicknamed the “Netflix of Africa”, iroko has tens of thousands of nollywood movies for
your entertainment. Irokotv. Com

2. Naij (

Naij is one of the top website for news and gists all over Nigeria. It also however has a section were videos including broadcast videos, entertainment and nollywood movies be downloaded.

3. Coded wap (

Codedwap is a very popular website were lots of Nollywood movies can be streamed and downloaded.

4. Buzz Nigeria (

Buzz Nigeria is an informative, entertaining and happening website. This is in the sense that it brings the latest information of all that’s happening in Nigeria. There’s also no shortage of nollywood movies here as they are constantly updated.

5. Naija Pals (

A very large social networking website, naija pals has been around for a very long time. Naija pals also gives you access to an unlimited array of nollywood movies.

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6. Waploaded (

A very entertaining website, waploaded is filled with entertainment gists, latest mp3 songs, music videos etc. They have a very unique catalog of nollywood movies, plus the fact the site is very easy to navigate.

7. Net naija (

Opened in 2009, the website was previously called . He later changed the name to Net naija which is interpreted as “networking Nigerians” following the fact that proudlyboiz didn’t exactly highlight what the website was all about. Lots of nollywood can be gotten from Net naija.

8. Ibaka TV (

Ibaka TV has one of the largest catalog of Nigerian movies, not just do they provide quality movies, they have an incredible streaming network with more than 1000 movies ready for streaming and downloading.

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9. Nigerian Nation (

The Nigerian Nation is a very wonderful platform. It is possible that you might not want to fill your phone with large sized, high definition nollywood movies. If this is the case, could just login, click on the moviez tab and watch the movie of your choice. This does not deprive you of the download option you can always download the movie of your choice if you like.


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