Top 10 Richest Fuji Artists In Nigeria And Their networth 2018

Top 10 Richest Fuji Artists In Nigeria And Their networth 2018

Some artists in Nigeria have mastered the style of Fuji music, making millions from shows and performances, hence in this post we would be highlighting the .Top 10 Richest Fuji Artists In Nigeria And Their networth 2018.

Fuji Music is a genre of music that consists of Aro, Afro,Sakara, Apala, juju, gudugudu and high life all in mixed in one pattern. The Fuji genre is  dominant in the western part of Nigeria. The genre has been existing long before hip hop was known in Nigeria dating back to the era of King Sunny Ade. A lot has changed in Fuji as It is no longer a one man show as it was in the days when king Sunny Ade ruled.

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Of recent times, there has been a stiff competition between fuji artistes as battle of supremacy is the other day with everyone trying to prove he is better. Just as all fingers are not equal, so the size of the pocket varies too. Some Fuji
artistes are more in demand than others, so the money they collect per show differs.

These fuji artists are not just rich, but are also big on influence, having a big celebrity status, respect and fame in the society.

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The Top 10 Richest Fuji Artists Include

1. K1 The Ultimate

Richest Fuji Artists In Nigeria

Also known as Olasunkanmi Wasiu Ayinde Marshall was Born on the 3rd of March, 1957 in Agawaru,Lagos state. K1 the ultimate is one of the pioneers of fuji in Nigeria. He is among the oldest Fuji musicians in the countrywith over 10 studio albums. The fuji legend has done a collaboration with Nigerian rapper olamide, a song titled ‘anifowose’. He has a networth of around N750 million naira.

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