Top 10 Hottest Nigerian Artistes in 2018

Top 10 Hottest Nigerian Artistes in 2018

4. Duncan Mighty

If you described the second half of the year in the Nigerian music scene as the Duncan Mighty half, then you would not be wrong. From not being in the reckoning during the first half of the year to ending it as the most featured act is one of the memorable moments that the ‘Duncan Mighty’ wave delivered in 2018.

Duncan who had once been a sensation in the Nigerian music industry began to fade-out with the introduction of  new school artists like Wizkid, Davido etc taking over the scenes as far back as 2012. After a very quiet time on the Nigerian music scene, Duncan Mighty was finally reinvigorated by none other than the one who took over the music scene from him, starboy Wizkid.

After the release of Fake Love with Wizkid, Duncan Mighty became the rave of the moment. Duncan Mighty had the most successful collaborations in 2018, after FAKE LOVE, every artist wanted him on their track with songs like AZA with Davido, LOVA LOVA with Tiwa Savage, Flenjo with Lil kesh, proving just how Duncan could turn any song to gold. Duncan Mighty was so influential, he had 21 successful collaborations in 2018 alone.

He comes in at no 4 on the list of the top 10 Hottest Nigerian Artistes in 2018….

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3. Davido

Coming from an amazing 2017, it was difficult to imagine Davido topping the superb success he had in 2017. He did not disappoint and delivered yet again in 2018. An amazing achievement by Davido was bringing all major artistes under his label to the top of their game turning them into a force through their collaborations as most of his hit songs in 2018 including ‘Mind’ and ‘Aje’ was with his crew DMW.

He released mega hits like ‘Assurance’, ‘Aza’ , ‘Nwa Baby’ and ‘Wonder Woman and was featured on the Breakfast Club.

Davido won the award for ‘Best African Act’ at the 2018 BET, and became the first artist in the category to be presented with his award on stage.

Davido also sold out concerts in cities many Nigerians never knew even existed like Suriname and Mayotte. He was among the artistes who rocked the stage at the Wireless Festival and also at the Jay-Z’s ‘Made in America’ concert, while still having a successful music tour at the United States.

The music video for Davido’s song, FALL, became the most viewed Nigerian Music video on YouTube crossing over a 100million views.

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