Top 10 Best DJs In Nigeria 2018

Best DJs In Nigeria

No 2. Dj Spinall

Best DJs In Nigeria

Dj Spinall has worked with all most all the big boys in the Nigerian music industry with the latest being Starbo Wizzy, M.I and a host of others. As of recent times, DJ Spinall has been doing really well, He is among a very few number of DJs to have an album. He is one of the most stylish Djs in the entertainment industry. His real name is Sodamola oluseye desmond and is popularly called “The cap” as He is always seen with a very fancy cap on his head. His has wonlots of awards inclusing being the first Dj in both Nigeria and Africa as a whole to Bag an Endorsement deal with any brand, and get to perform at the United-States-hosted SXSW Festival. Spinall comes in at no 2 on the list of the Top 10 Best DJs In Nigeria.

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