Top 10 Best DJs In Nigeria 2018

Best DJs In Nigeria

No 8. Dj Sose

Best DJs In Nigeria

The handsome DJ Sose who can be easily spotted with a very large large tattoo on his face. He also appears in lots of musical videos. He has traveled to lots of countries and picked up lots of skills as regards his career. Although he has been a little quiet on the entertainment scene, he still appears once in a while to give us crazy beats. He comes in at no 8 on the list of the Top 10 Best DJs In Nigeria.

No 7. DJ Lambo

This Female DJ who goes by the name Dj lambo shows us that what men can do ladies can also do even better. The pretty and chubby DJ was born in the capital territory of Abuja. Her real names are Olawanmi Okeryi and she was a very popular OAP in sations Rhythm 94.7FM, Love 104.5 FM and also in Ray Power 100.5FM. She is a very top-notch DJ in the Nigerian industry as she represents Chocolate City and its rapper M.I She comes in at no 7 on the list of the Top 10 Best DJs In Nigeria.

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