Top 10 Best DJs In Nigeria 2018

Best DJs In Nigeria

Picking the 10 Best DJs In Nigeria is a no easy task as Nigeria country is  as a  is blessed with a lot of gifted artists and DJs who would blow your mind away with their creativity.

Disk Jockeys or Djs as they are popularly known as, are people who mix songs for a living. Mixing music requires skill and precision there are people who are extremely good at this that they have taken the whole entertainment industry by storm. If you are an avid listener of music (foreign) you must know DJ Khaled, he always start songs with the phrase “deeejaaay khaaaleeed”. He is a very famous American DJ who has featured lots of A-list singers and rappers alike in the industry.

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But in this post we’ll be dwelling solely on the best, hottest DJs (Disc Jockeys) in Nigeria.

The importance of djs can’t be over emphasized as without them there will be know parties and what’s the fun in that. In the past Djs were not usually taking as serious people but with the current wave taking place in this current generations entertainment market, Djs are given a very high regard. There are some Djs in Nigeria who have taken the countries entertainment level as per regard DJ music mixing to another level.

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One of the popular Djs to have really brought the countries entertainment to a limelight is DJ Jimmy Jatt. The DJ is one of the most popular, if not the very most popular and richest Disk jockey in the country Nigeria. Without further adieu we give you the top 10 hottest and best djs (disc jockeys) in Nigeria as of year 2018.


Best DJs In Nigeria

The handsome Nigerian DJ caise is known to have developed a strong passion for music while still studying at the London university in reading. Dj caise signed a mega deal with chocolate City label in the year 2011 and has never looked back ever since then. He has a programme he runs every Friday called DJ Caise on the mix n Beats FM. He comes in at no 10 on the list of the Top 10 Best DJs In Nigeria.

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