INEC Adhoc Recruitment 2019 – Form Collection, Training Date, Money Allocated and More

INEC Adhoc Recruitment – Who is qualified?

INEC doesn’t just pick any Nigerian citizen to participate in its INEC Adhoc Recruitment program, you have to meet certain basic requirements due to the importance, versatile nature and sensitivity of the post. INEC mainly uses university students(undergraduate), fresh and experienced graduates and also corps members for the ADHOC program.

How To Get Into the INEC Adhoc Program

For all university students (undergraduates) interested in the INEC adhoc recruitment, contact any member of your school SUG for inquiries about the INEC adhoc recruitment form presenting your student ID card.

For fresh and experienced graduates simply interested in the INEC adhoc recruitment exercise, locate the nearest INEC office and inquire for the forms or you can also contact any official INEC personnel you know, as the forms are likely to be scarce at this point and given based on merit or preference. You should have a copy of your HND or BSC result as proof of your graduate status.

You will be screened thoroughly after filling Inec Adhoc Staff Recruitment form okay

INEC Adhoc Training Program

After you have obtained and submitted forms, you would be contacted and provided details for the INEC Adhoc training program. But i would advise you keep inquiring for updates on the whole process from your registrar i.e the person who registered you for the program, so you don’t miss out on anything.

As INEC Adhoc Recruitment staffs, you will be trained and prepared for the 2019 election proceedings. You should note and be aware that as the election approaches, you as Adhoc staffs are now INEC workers responsible for the conduction of local government, state government and election at the federal level.

During the training exercise, you will be responsible for your transportation to and fro the venue.

INEC will pay you a training fee, it ranges from N5,000 and above (*this is just the training fee, not the actual amount to be paid for the INEC adhoc election conduction fee).

After the training, only those who are shortlisted will participate as Adhoc staff, meanwhile, if you didn’t participate in the training and you risked being on ground on the night before election, INEC can still draft you

Before the day of election, a message would be passed down to you from INEC for you to report to your Coalition Center.


The INEC Adhoc staff, has special duties assigned to them, depending on each of their positions, here in today’s news, we have compiled these duties, some of them are

Duties to be Assigned for Inec Adhoc Staff Recruitment

  • Represent the commission at the state level constituency collation center.
  • Receive and compile results from local government areas.
  • Announces the state result for election and submit result to the INEC chairman.
  • Receives material from EO at the web of every election.
  • Confirmation of posting from local government areas two days before the election.
  • Assist PO to collect documents and materials received.

After elections you will be paid for your services, with the payment fee ranging as from N15,000 and above.

You might also receive other stipends from party agents (*not advisable though if you ask me)

That’s the information you need to know about working as an Adhoc Staff and its recruitment processes.

*You must note that  it is stressful and you need to be tough. If you can’t handle stress, don’t apply*





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