10 World Famous Celebrities Originally From Nigeria

World Famous Celebrities

In this post we would be specifically talking about top-tier world famous celebrities who are pulling ranks all over the world, and are originally from the country Nigeria.

Nigerians are found in almost every part of the world, known to excel no matter the condition. Among the tons of Nigerians who are around the world, few who have stood out and excelled tremendously in their fields becoming successful World Famous Celebrities.

Some of them are widely regarded to as black american celebrities. However these world famous celebrities, who are making or have made waves in their various fields are actually of Nigerian descent.M

Most of these celebrities are widely regarded to as black-american due to their adopted accent or nationality. However so, this does not change the fact that these celebrities have a Nigerian descent as Majority of these World Famous Celebrities migrate out of the country as little kids, while others were born and raised in foreign countries.

While many of these celebrities are proud of their roots, some of them are yet to accept it and few others ignore or deny it outright.

Here goes the top 10 world famous celebrities originally from Nigeria.

1. Dele Alli

World Famous Celebrities
The young footballer was born in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, to a Yoruba Nigerian father known as Kehinde and English mother called Denise. His father, Kehinde moved to the United States a week after Alli’s birth leaving him with his mother as a very young age.

Dele alli was initially brought up by his mother, who is known to suffered from alcohol problem as at then. At age nine(9), alli moved to Nigeria with his father where he spent two years in an international school before later returning to Milton Keynes to live with his mother.

At the very early age of 13 after he had returned from the US, Dele moved into the family home of his friend (a fellow MK Dons teammate) and parents, Alan and Sally Hickford. He often refers to them as his “adoptive parents” although he was never legally adopted by them. In the early summer of 2016, Alli opted to stop wearing his surname on his competitive match shirts because he felt he had no connection with the Alli family name, instead going by for “Dele” only.

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