10 People Who Became Famous After Dating Celebrities

famous after dating celebrities.

7. Scott Disick (famous celebrity Kourtney Kardashian)

famous after dating celebrities.

If there is one thing associated with the Kardashian family, it is fame and every one who gets close to them gets rubbed off. Scott disick and kourtney first met in the year 2006 at a friends party and began dating almost immediately. They have been on and off for close to 10 years since they began dating having three kids together. Though when they started out the show was just getting kicked off, the kardashian name was already all over spreading like a wildfire and in no time so was scotts’.

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8. Tania Omotayo (famous celebrity Wizkid)

famous after dating celebrities.

They have been on-and-off for the past couple of years like the justin bieber/Selena relationship. The very pretty media personality Tania Omotayo was born to a nigerian mother and an Austrian father. Tania claims she met wizkid in the year 2008 through a friend although they were not an item back then, over the years they began dating, then breaking up, then getting back together and breaking up again. Its safe to say that their relationship has always been a complicated one, and although lots of fans secretly root for them no one knows what the future holds for tania omotayo and wizkid.

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