10 People Who Became Famous After Dating Celebrities

famous after dating celebrities.

5. Karrueche Tran (famous celebrity Chris Brown)

famous after dating celebrities.

Yes, they have a very beautiful daughter together, Royalty and yes they were on and off from 2011 till 2015, however before Chris brown, karrueche was a whole other person….”not well known”.

karrueche revealed in an interview that she met Chris brown while she was on a styling Job

‘I met Chris on a styling job. I was a personal assistant to a stylist…..So I was on a job, and we met and he did his whole charming thing,’ Tran said.

It ‘started as us just being friends. I didn’t have s*x with him, or anything like that. Then it got to my emotions, and I fell in love with him.’

The two however had a falling out and karrueche got a restraining order against the singer.

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6. Annie Idibia (famous celebrity Tuface Idibia)

famous after dating celebrities.
Annie Idibia and tuface were somewhat of an item way way back before the singer was famous, they however split and the singer became extremely famous, fathering more than three children with different women. After a long while tuface re-united with Annie and they got married.

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