10 People Who Became Famous After Dating Celebrities

famous after dating celebrities.

3. Blac Chyna ( famous celebrity Tyga)

famous after dating celebrities.
Everyone knows about the estranged relationship between rob kardashian and Blac chyna (except, well you’re not a social media person). But wait it dates back further, before there was ever a “blac&rob” drama the former
stripper was heavily involved with famous rapper Tyga and they even have a kid together.

The pair got involved together shortly after meeting on Tyga’s famous ‘Rack City’ video shoot in the year 2011. Blac Chyna later then gave birth to their son King Cairo in the year 2012 and they got engaged a month later.

However the engagement was sadly broken off following rumors of Tyga and Kylie kardashian relationship.

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4. Eniko Parish (famous celebrity Kevin Hart)

famous after dating celebrities.

Wife of popular stand up comedian and actor is living a happily married life, however it was not drama free. Before eniko parish met Kevin, she was model but not a very popular one.

Her relationship and marriage to Kevin Hart however made her popular, not to forget a cheating scandal that rocked their marriage with Kevin Hart openly confessing to the affair. The couple got passed the scandal and have a child together.

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