10 People Who Became Famous After Dating Celebrities

famous after dating celebrities.

Sometimes the quickest way to stardom is to be with someone who already has it within his grasps. Whether it be a successful relationship that  leads to marriage, a drama filled on-and-off relationship or a one time fling, dating a celebrity does have its perks and leaves an unforgettable impact on your social life. On this list we would be listing the top 10 people who became famous after dating celebrities.

So here goes;

1. Amber Rose (famous celebrity kanye West)

famous after dating celebrities.

Before the famous duo kanye west and kim kardashian became an item, there was a time were it was all about amber rose and kanye west. Although amber rose was already a video vixen at the time, appearing on different music videos, she was not popular at all.

However, in the year 2008 after kanye west saw her on fellow rapper ludacris’ video “What Them Girls Like”, the two got together and their relationship was legendary even though it lasted just two years. Kanye west was at the peak of his career as at then, and the relationship gave amber a real social hype. Sadly, in 2010 the relationship ended and in 2011 amber got involved with Wiz khalifa, while Kanye started dating Kim in 2012.

2. Chioma Avril Rowland (famous celebrity Davido)

famous after dating celebrities.

The 300 level Babcock undergraduate recently became the talk of the Town after her boyfriend in a series of events, professed his love for her. The internet was sent to a frenzy when Nigerian pop-star davido bought a Porsche worth 45million naira for his girlfriend chioma on her 23rd birthday. The plate number read “Assurance” as a reminder of his love for her.

He also recorded and released the song assurance on her birthday which had an immediate impact on the whole country, reaching one million views on YouTube on its very first day.

This launched Chioma to a whole new realm of stardom as she was almost immediately given an endorsement worth around a 100million naira.

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